Code of conduct

  • Bow as you enter the dojo
  • Bow before you step on the mat (demonstrates intent to train without distraction)
  • Bow before your coach at the start and end of class (demonstrates willingness to abide by the coach’s instruction)
  • Bow before co-founders of BJJ (shows respect for origins)
  • Shake hands with all fellow students before training (shows respect for partner and to wish no harm)
  • Attend class on time and for the whole lesson unless excused by the coach
  • If late for class, wait for coach’s invitation to join
  • Attend in a clean gi with the correctly graded belt
  • Attend in good hygiene, including trimmed and cleaned nails
  • Ensure long hair is tied and with no metal fasteners
  • Wear no piercings or jewellery to avoid injury to self and others
  • Inform the coach before class of any injuries/ailments
  • Do not attend class if you have high temperature or appearance of a rash/skin condition, in case of communicable or infectious disease. In case of doubt, be safe and visit your GP
  • Members of Hillingdon BJJ wear the club badge on their Gi

When training at other academies, the above is the minimum expectation for Hillingdon BJJ students.